Internet of Things (IoT)

Internet of Things (IoT)

Tailor-Made IoT

Custom-made often sounds to people as expensive, slow to produce, restrictive or even exclusive. To counter all these preconceived ideas, DFM always tries to find and create the best IoT solution to serve your proper needs. It is customizable and adaptable to your already existing environnement. Choosing a customized IoT should be opening your company to a whole new industry, not restricting you to some uses.
It is for all these reasons that we present you today, the Prototype SmartOne, which radically changes the way we do IoT.

Prototype Smart One

Tailor Made

A tailor made solution created to serve your needs

Quick launch

With a standardized industrial process, creating sensors is a lot faster

multi tasks

On a common base you can add multiple tools, sensors


PSO can adapt to your already existing environment and be a real game changer without a whole change needed

step into the future

Take place in a 4.0 World