1. Concept

The concept of SmarTraining is based on Digital Twin, which give us an opportunity to discover and train around an object, a process or a system. This digital representation provides both the elements and the operating dynamics of a device.
SmarTraining is defined as a Virtual Reality training application which can be customize as your wish. The system is definitely a “bomb” for the industry 4.0 and a chance for trainers also learners to immersed in an environnment simulated.

The application is organized into two main parts:
             • The course material, or the CAD object, with all the possible interactions added and defined.
             • This training application allowing you to retrieve the various information from the course material and then create procedures or courses of your program.

2. What makes SmarTraining special?

SmarTraining is applicable in every situation.

The goal is not to even have to touch the CAD and automatically be able to generate the course material from it. With SmarTraining:

Simplify and make generic interactions in the application, define conditions, steps and important information.

Interchange formats between the Course Creator application and the standardized 3D application.

Be able to access the default environments to add the object (Hangar, Office, Outdoor on a tarmac, Outdoor on grass, at sea …

Import a virtual reality object from a CAD file. Today, step zero integrates the ASSIMP plugin ( to automatically recognize in the object structure the possible interactions or to have a tool to simply add them.

Add to an object format information about the possible interaction on a part or a set of objects.

Remake the course creation application to directly load the CAD model, analyze it and allow to create a course and launch it in 3D or virtual reality.

3. Interests of SmarTraining

• Reduce costs: Making a virtual reality application specifically for training in use or maintenance, we don’t need finished all objects to do the training.

• Reduce production time: It is also possible to test and train different people before the solution is even created and without wasting time.

• Reducing the risks: Training a person can also conclude risks, risks due to the situation, the machine or even the conditions in which they will be taken. But NOT with virtual reality, risks are almost non-existent.

Right to make mistakes: On the contrary, in virtual reality you can make mistakes, you can explode everything and it will not be serious except for a bad mark.

Tests and procedure evaluation: With virtual reality, it is possible to technically evaluate procedures during their creation as well as if the object already existed but from the comfort of the office.

• Advanced communication tools: The advantage of virtual reality is that is easy to use and such simplicity makeing it an excellent everyday communication tool.